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Milwaukee, WI, July 21, 2010 . . . . The founder of Buffalo Water Beer Company, brewer of Bison Blonde all malt lager, is on the road to Buffalo, New York to begin planning the launch of its flagship beer in the city synonymous for Buffalo wings and high quality craft beers.

Buffalo Water Beer Company was formed in 2007, after founder Craig Peterson, then a lobbyist for the Wisconsin’s Brewer’s Guild, moved his offices to the corner of Buffalo and Water Streets. “An intersection was our inspiration,” said Peterson. “One of my brewing clients said ‘Buffalo Water,’ what a great name for a beer. Oh, and by the way, the number one finger food throughout America is the Buffalo Wing.”

That summer, Peterson and his team sat down with plates of nuclear hot wings and formulated a beer designed for spicy foods. “You would never guess it would be difficult to build a beer around Buffalo wings, but you don’t want a recipe that’s too heavy, dark or hoppy. It took weeks of testing and the occasional headache, but someone had to take the bullet for America’s wing lovers.”

“Since we began brewing, Buffalo Water Bison Blonde has been one of the highest rated pale lagers in world,” said Peterson. The beer company founder also noted, in a state famous for breweries, Buffalo Water is the only Wisconsin beer company to ever win an award at the prestigious Kohler Beer Festival in Kohler, Wisconsin, where beers from throughout the world are sampled and judged by the public. “Winning the silver medal two years in row is flattering and humbling. Especially when competing against beers like Chamey and Duvel, and many of America’s top craft brewers. I’m just fortunate to be able to stand on the shoulders of the brewers who built Wisconsin into one of the country’s top craft beer states.”

Peterson said the trip to Buffalo and other Upstate New York cities was much like a scouting expedition. “We want to meet the customers, the hardworking hospitality workers and the people who can bring our beer to market. Buffalo, New York and Milwaukee, Wisconsin are similar in so many ways. A hard work ethic, dedication to family and community and a love of good beer with friends, is just one of the many things our communities have in common. And we can’t forget the weather.”

Noting both Buffalo and Milwaukee are port cities, are about the same size, have similar urban issues and assets, and diverse ethnic populations, Peterson said it’s no coincidence the Buffalo Street his operations are located on is named after Buffalo, New York and not the animal. “Over one hundred years ago our cities shared a common bond. I’d like to think we can bring our cities a little closer together by sharing a nice cold Buffalo Water beer and plate of authentic Buffalo wings.”


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