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Milwaukee: July 28th, 2009 - Buffalo Water Beer Company is set to release a special recipe Bison Blonde All Malt Lager Beer to take the chill out of the unseasonably cool summer this year.

"As you'll see, our Blonde got a bit of a tan, and it's time to let this genie out of the bottle," said brewery founder and CEO Craig Peterson. "We brewed this batch with a slight recipe change to bring out the satisfying lagered malt goodness people expect in an Autumn brew," Peterson added. "We added a finely crafted toasted malt to this batch, hoping to create a beer with a little extra warmth for these chill summer days. Let's call it a ‘Septemberfest' beer."

The brew pours with a faintly amber glow, adding a new visual appeal to the firm's signature Blonde Lager. "We super-lagered the beer for added flavor richness and complexity," Peterson said.

The beer's production was strictly limited to 500 cases, and will only be available in bottles. The cases and the bottles will feature distinctive hand-applied orange labels to distinguish them from the traditional recipe Blonde Lager.

Peterson said there has been demand for the firm to expand its product offerings, and that this is a first step toward doing so. "We weren't ready to create and entirely new style of brew, since we have been overwhelmed with the response to our product, and it's all we can do to keep the shelves filled with Buffalo Water Bison Blonde," he said. "But we thought this would be a good chance to tweak the formula a bit to respond to consumer demand. Of course our signature Bison Blonde in the traditional packaging will still be available at your favorite stores and taverns.

"Maybe next summer we'll produce a new style of beer - perhaps a Winter Warmer, if the season is anything like this one," Peterson added.

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